Our Staff

At Clinical Associates of the Finger Lakes, we employ an exceptional staff of highly qualified individuals who are focused on meeting the needs of the child and assisting the family and community in making big successes out of little lives.

Meet our Administrative Supervisory Team

Top Left to Bottom Right:

Amy Robertaccio, Director of Human Resources;  Cynthia Toleman, Director;  Elaine Fisher, Controller; 
Laura Fenn, Clinical Supervisor;  Chris Smith, Intake Coordinator;
Cynthia Anderson, Program Director

Meet our Clinical Supervisory Team

Department Supervisors


Jackalyn Cole, Special Education;
Cynthia Anderson, Occupational and Physical Therapy;  Laura Fenn, Speech-Language

Assistant Supervisors


Top Left to Bottom Front:
Stacey Sadler, Speech;  Deborah Snyder, Occupational Therapy;  Susan Strakal, Speech;  Susan Dinger, Occupational Therapy ;  Kathrine Armstrong, Physical Therapy; 
Claudia Fossi-Thurston, Speech;  Wendy Swain, Special Education;  Heather Stevens, Evaluation Team

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